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The seminars present The ancient wisdom of India in a contemporary fashion to corporates, professionals, organizations, educational institutions  and social clubs. It attempts to infuse amongst professionals and students the eternal wisdom into modern life for peaceful and productive living.

The Vedantic APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT is   a management style that is not only successful but lends itself directly to management on a global scale. Creating the most valued of corporate assets - the fulfilled, dynamic human being - a person of impeccable character, integrity and maturity.

Modern management are increasingly adopting Vedantic principles to stay in the race for market share since  Vedanta is a systematic and formulated study of the science of life.


A Balanced Life

How can one maintain the balance between work, relationships and the self?
Today along with high speed education processes in management or information technology, there is a great need for us to imbibe some higher values whereby we know how to safeguard our balance in life. Tomorrow, if we are excellent professionals but have broken family lives, it would be vary sad  for ourselves, society and the country.

The three essential aspects of life : professional, domestic and social, have to be in the right proportion. Otherwise,  however eminent, however famous you may become, deep in your heart there will be a lacuna and you will not feel that your life has been a worthy one.

The universal higher values imparted in these workshops educate us on how we can simultaneously be an excellent professional, maintain a happy home front and a reasonably good social front.


Rising Stakes

Stress and strain of work plague the corporate world today. Faced with punishing deadlines, strained relationships and demanding clients, executives tend to crumble under pressure. They lose their motivation and drive to excel.

External situations only mirror what employees are within collectively. If their lives are unwholesome, distressed, imbalanced, disintegrated and out-of-sync with the laws of nature, the external situations for themselves and their organizations cannot be otherwise.

A lack of depth in the modern value system leads to a high level of stress. Vedanta taps into the principles of Stress Management and deals with the root of the problem thereby uprooting stress from its very source.


Harmony in Relationships

We want happy, meaningful relationships. But ego and egocentric desires  put us on a collision course with others. Vedanta helps forge alliances through understanding. We move from isolation to communication and communion.

Insights that Empower

Vedanta advises us that we should determine our goals, identify our capabilities and focus our actions upon the goals. It identifies key areas where man suffers on various fronts due to the ignorance of various laws of life and nature. Such ignorance leads to a loss in physical and mental energies causing tremendous damage in the effective implementation of the decisions and actions of an individual  and the organization. 
Just as laws govern the world outside, laws operate in the realm of the mind. Ignorance does not exempt us from their effects. Vedanta introduces us to the psychological laws governing our inner world. With these insights, we become empowered to shape the direction of our life. It is critical to understand these eternal principles if we seek to apply them practically in day-to-day management.


Management by Consciousness

Vedanta is about going beyond the conscious and subconscious mind, into the limitless Consciousness of our Higher nature, where the individual is able to flourish and perform his duty at his highest potential. When an individual becomes aware of the true nature of his Supreme Indivisible Absolute Blissful & Infinite Self, he goes beyond the aberrancies of the mind that cause depression, delusions, boredom and laziness.

When people and organizations slowly grasp the Universal Vision, the vision of
oneness, of non-separateness and assimilate the dynamic philosophy of calm,
silent, concentrated, consistent and cooperative work as taught in Vedanta, all achieve the highest welfare.

To develop a strong character we need to create a base of strong values applicable in modern life. The workshops enable participants to question, explore, reflect, and act to get the best out of themselves. It helps discover the vast potential within and inspires them to be leaders in their respective fields.

All these are aimed to trigger professionals and students to think independently and clearly thereby gain that elusive combination-
efficiency at work and mental equanimity within.
This being the zeitgeist, more Indian corporates are practicing New Age management principles, with the multinationals fast catching up.

So connect with the modern management techniques laid down by Vedanta & Transform your life from one of mediocrity to that of excellence!


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Some of the topics Rishi Kewalramani speaks on are:

  1. Complete Success - Mantra to truly succeed at work & in Life.
  2. Managing Stress - What is Stress and how to De-stress?
  3. Leadership – How to become an Exemplary & Ideal Leader!
  4. Managing Love & Relationships - The 6 Golden Rules to stay Happily Married & live Harmoniously with the people you work & live with.
  5. Work-Life Balance - Striking a balance between Home and Work
  6. Science of Life Management.
  7. Managing the Manager - how to master your mind and take charge of your lif
  8. Fundamental values of Life & Living
  9. Who are YOU in essence - Discover your true identity and worth!
  10. Knowledge of the Ultimate! - The Power of One!


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The Corporate seminars conducted by the Vedanta Wisdom Institute highlight Vedantic principles that create excellence, happiness and growth to one's full potential. If you would like to have value-based Management Seminars in your organisation