The new Universal Corporate mindset - Blending modern Higher values with business:

Management is based on behavioural science. Vedanta is the world's foremost school of thought on self-management which  unfolds the secrets of "Human Management" for increasing productivity and reducing stress.

There is tremendous potential for adapting the modern Vedantic insight in management. Once upon a time the countries of the world competed for natural resources, which was followed by industrialisation and technological advancements. Today it is the era of knowledge. It is no longer about mere information and knowledge about the world; rather it is the knowledge of the self that gives you the ability to be creative, innovative and resourceful. That is how Vedanta is connected with management.

The central idea in this universal Approach to Management is  to empower ‘Man’.  Machines, materials and money will be taken care of when man is taken care of. 

The Corporate seminars conducted by the Vedanta Wisdom Institute highlight Vedantic principles that create excellence, happiness and growth to one's full potential. As a result, they develop that most valued of corporate assets - the dynamic, fulfilled and motivated human being.

Human nature has more or less remained the same over the ages. The same jealousy, greed, insecurity, anger, ego and fear continue to prevail among people in the relentless everyday struggle for survival. Earlier we used to fight striped animals in the jungle, now we fight with striped animals in the corporate boardrooms of the concrete jungle. We are unable to express our Divine nature due to the insecurity and fear within us. The unrighteous forces from the very inception to the terrorists of the present day, all people are essentially good but unaware of their goodness and their Divine dimensions.

Outlandish material craving and sensual indulgence pull us down to The lower level of our personality. While our sacred universal aspirations lift us to The higher, edify us.


Beyond Harvard: Lessons from world’s oldest management school

These value-based management seminars encompass transformation of subtle philosophic themes into practical modern techniques of Self-management which provides a formula for living life with dynamic productivity, enjoying genuine prosperity with  reduced stress levels   and permanent peace of mind.

Be it in the field of sport, music, business or art, the roadblocks are in the mind. These value-based management workshops help to overcome them and hone our talents to achieve excellence.

No wonder why some of the greatest thinkers, philosophers, scientists and Nobel laureates of our times have been moved to their core by these sublime higher values. A myriad of intellectual icons - Albert Einstein, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Plato, Kant, Swami Vivekananda, Arthur Schopenhauer, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Schlegel, Mahatma Gandhi, Max Müller, Amitabh Bachhan, Paul Deussen, Sachin Tendulkar and the likes have paid glorious tributes to this Highest Knowledge of Life & Living.

Vedanta provides techniques of self-management that:

  • Harness your potential
  • Help master your mind
  • Inspire you to excel
  • Equip you to deal with life's challenges
  • Build meaningful relationships

This being the zeitgeist, more Indian corporates are practicing New Age management principles, with the multinationals fast catching up.

So connect with the modern management techniques laid down by Vedanta & Transform your life from one of mediocrity to that of excellence.


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Some of the topics Rishi Kewalramani speaks on are:

  1. Complete Success - Mantra to truly succeed at work & in Life.
  2. Managing Stress - What is Stress and how to De-stress?
  3. Leadership – How to become an Exemplary & Ideal Leader!
  4. Managing Love & Relationships - The 6 Golden Rules to stay Happily Married & live Harmoniously with the people you work & live with.
  5. Work-Life Balance - Striking a balance between Home and Work
  6. Science of Life Management.
  7. Managing the Manager - how to master your mind and take charge of your lif
  8. Fundamental values of Life & Living
  9. Who are YOU in essence - Discover your true identity and worth!
  10. Knowledge of the Ultimate! - The Power of One!


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The Corporate seminars conducted by the Vedanta Wisdom Institute highlight Vedantic principles that create excellence, happiness and growth to one's full potential. If you would like to have value-based Management Seminars in your organisation