Self-knowledge is the key to freedom. It is like waking up from a terrible dream, to find out you are quite alright and the entire dream, including your identity within it, was a mere appearance. When you mistakenly see and superimpose a snake upon a rope lying by the roadside, you have fear. In clearer light, you discover the rope and all fear ends. Similarly all your personal insecurity and fear ends upon the discovery of who you really are, your true identity - the Supreme Self!

The truth of who I am is revealed upon negating the false I-thoughts of the finite, limited body, mind and intellect. A thousand ideas of who we are arise on the false foundation of the belief that we are the body-mind-intellect complex. “I am born; I am aging and getting old; I am physically challenged; I will die,” and so on are examples of thoughts of the self coming forth from the body-identification. “I am jealous; I am sad; I am dull,” and so on are examples of I-thoughts arising from the identification with the finite mind and intellect.

Following the revelation of Vedanta, a seeker stays alert and questions one's habitual ideas of the self. In the erasure of the ego (the false self), the true Self shines forth just as the bright sun stands out upon the moving away of clouds.


Spiritual Practice

You are already free and Divine; you do not have to become something different from what you really are. you just have to know it, experience it, realize it.

the seeker engages with Vedanta through study, listening (Shravana), reflection (Manana) and meditation (Dhyana).

With The pursuit of The appropriate yogas ( Spiritual disciplines) of  Karma Yoga ( Right Action), Bhakti Yoga ( Devotion) and Jnana Yoga ( True Knowledge) in accordance with one's inner nature,  The mind is freed from all misunderstanding and ignorance, is driven away from all the unwarranted fears that arise out of one's wrong perception.

These spiritual disciplines helps one investigate the mystery of life and answer the baffling questions:

•  Who am I?
•  Who are you?
•  Where have I come from?
•  Why are we here?
•  When, Wherefrom & Why this World?
•  What is the goal of human life?
•  What is the source of true and permanent happiness?
•  How do I bring that happiness into myself and the world?
•  What is permanent, impermanent?

Until through subjective inquiry we arrive at the core of our personality and understand that lasting happiness ultimately lies beyond the external world and can only be found internally within one’s own Self.


The Transformation

The profound and practical wisdom of Vedanta brings about a psychological revolution. A thousand fears disappear; a thousand beliefs based on duality vanish. With this sublime wisdom one sees God alone everywhere. He experiences The unifying Divinity in  The  diversities of The world. No divisions. No demarcations. No denominations. Only Divinity.

There was duality before, characterized by the divisions of what I am and what I should become. There was also the sense of the small me and the big God. There was comparison, competition. There were the painful judgements of doing poorly, failing, hurting and getting hurt. When you abide in your Infinite Self, you rise above all these. It is therefore called absolute or complete transformation.






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The discourses, corporate workshops and meditation sessions conducted by the Vedanta Wisdom Institute remind us of these highest values that are obscured in this modern world and provide the guidelines on how to practice them in life to seek the Supreme Self within, to establish harmony with the world and reach the eternal Abode of peace and bliss.

The lectures are conducted by Rishi Kewalramani, who has been studying and
researching Vedanta for over a decade. His clear and powerful presentation on the practical application of Vedanta in daily life has been well-received by audiences everywhere.

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Study classes on Vedanta are conducted in various cities in India as well as other parts of the world. The Vedanta classes are designed to provide each member a methodic course of study backed by scientific and analytical enquiry. Participants are encouraged to contribute towards an interactive discussion of Vedantic philosophy and its application to life.