Countless programmes or workshops on self-development provide temporary and partial solutions to life’s problems. Self-knowledge goes to the root of it all and empties the core of the problem.


What is the goal of human life?

To discover the pristine glory of your supreme Self!

To expand your awareness, to move into that dimension of pure awareness where you see and feel the presence of the Loveful & Blissful CONSCIOUSNESS everywhere and in every being.


The Blissful Core of Your Being

Finally Vedanta, through meditation, takes you  to the realm of the Infinite. This is the essential nature and goal of every human being. Your core.

Boundless you are and will not settle for any less, driven by the nostalgia for the Infinite. Vedanta takes you to that supreme Goal - systematically, one step at a time.

The wisdom of Vedanta is the final flowering of all spiritual thought, It is a very simple philosophy - Man is essentially the Spirit and the Spirit is the Supreme Indivisible Absolute CONSCIOUSNESS. There exists nothing but The One Non-dual Reality- the Infinite Unconditioned Pure Awareness!

This awareness can be realised by selfless work and meditation. This understanding helps us to live in this world as a very creative and dynamic human being, enjoying genuine prosperity with  reduced stress levels and permanent peace of mind. . Invoking the Loveful & Blissful CONSCIOUSNESS in and through our activities. It is a matter of shifting your perspective from the ‘I am the Body’ to ‘I am the Supreme Indivisible Absolute Pure CONSCIOUSNESS’. A simple leap from the limited awareness to the limitless awareness, a marvelous leap from the finite to the Infinite!

All of us seek to be happy, content, creative, loving - this becomes your natural state of being when you realise that you are the loveful & blissful Awareness in the presence of which everything happens.

So connect with Vedanta. Transform your life from one of mediocrity to that of excellence.
Come, join us on a spiritual journey with Vedanta, The Gateway to the Divine.
Discover Thy Royal Divine Self!
Dare to be Real!





Watch Fundamentals of Vedanta & The Bhagavad Geeta



The discourses, corporate workshops and meditation sessions conducted by the Vedanta Wisdom Institute remind us of these highest values that are obscured in this modern world and provide the guidelines on how to practice them in life to seek the Supreme Self within, to establish harmony with the world and reach the eternal Abode of peace and bliss.

The lectures are conducted by Rishi Kewalramani, who has been studying and
researching Vedanta for over a decade. His clear and powerful presentation on the practical application of Vedanta in daily life has been well-received by audiences everywhere.

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Study classes on Vedanta are conducted in various cities in India as well as other parts of the world. The Vedanta classes are designed to provide each member a methodic course of study backed by scientific and analytical enquiry. Participants are encouraged to contribute towards an interactive discussion of Vedantic philosophy and its application to life.