What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is the world’s foremost school of thought on self-management. It finds its’ origin in the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of the world.

The word ‘Vedanta’ is a combination of the two words 'Veda' which means ‘knowledge’ and 'Anta' which means ‘the end of’ or ‘the goal of’. So ‘Vedanta’ literally means ‘the culmination of knowledge’

Vedanta is a science and must be approached as one would physics, chemistry or mathematics. The concepts must be questioned, tested and made one’s own by living the principles. Only then can you say that you are a Vedantin, a lover of Truth.  

Just as science is the amalgam of the knowledges contributed by numerous scientists, So it is with Vedanta. Vedanta is the ultimate philosophy laid down by several subjective scientists who were Self-realised masters.

Vedanta, a philosophy and science of our true identity, the Supreme Indivisible Absolute Pure CONSCIOUSNESS, contains four yogas of devotion, selfless service, knowledge and meditation which are found in Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam and the practices of all who seek peace and joy in the oneness that uplifts and unifies us.

Hence, Vedanta is the cornerstone of all religions, revealing the truth of our life that leads to the ultimate liberation, free from suffering and bondage and attaining a state of immortality, everlasting peace and fulfilment.

The knowledge of Vedanta provides us with a blueprint for action knowing which we can gain not only material prosperity but more importantly access to our true nature, the Divine Self within. It may be a knowledge that is thousands of years old but it has remained a source of eternal wisdom for several generations and will remain so for many more to come. Hence, Its eternal and universal application appeals to all lovers of truth.

The most unique feature of Vedanta is that it does not base itself on any personalities for authority. It is a knowledge that is founded on its own authority. Its truth is its authority. It trains you to think for yourself. To analyse, investigate and realise the quintessence of life. Not to submit yourself to blind faith, superstitious belief or mechanical ritual.


Misery of Human Life

                Man lives in conflict and misery, no matter how much wealth and knowledge he acquires. Fame and name do not help him; nor do power and position. While the majority of people live under the illusion that happiness lies outside them, one in a thousand intuitively sees that he has to look within to find the key to lasting happiness. He discovers his own egoism to be the root cause of all suffering as it disturbs all his relationships. Negative and unproductive thoughts, he finds out, are the basis of his endless sorrow. He therefore examines how he could have noble, harmonious thoughts and thereby attain peace irrespective of external factors like money and status.


The Kingdom of Heaven within You

Vedanta declares, “Thou art That.” This means your true nature is essentially Divine, of completeness, of Supreme  bliss and Happiness.

Behind the conditioned consciousness, the individual ego (I, me and mine) that is created by thoughts, there is the real Self, the true ‘I’.

The ego is a false projection of thoughts; the true Self ( the Indivisible Absolute Unconditioned Pure CONSCIOUSNESS) is the reality. This ultimate truth of life is supported by several scientific corroboratory evidences which stand to reason. A careful and scientific analysis of life's experiences would provide us enough reason to substantiate this ultimate in human perfection, the ultimate state of Self-realisation, God-realisation.   .




Watch Fundamentals of Vedanta & The Bhagavad Geeta



The discourses, corporate workshops and meditation sessions conducted by the Vedanta Wisdom Institute remind us of these highest values that are obscured in this modern world and provide the guidelines on how to practice them in life to seek the Supreme Self within, to establish harmony with the world and reach the eternal Abode of peace and bliss.

The lectures are conducted by Rishi Kewalramani, who has been studying and
researching Vedanta for over a decade. His clear and powerful presentation on the practical application of Vedanta in daily life has been well-received by audiences everywhere.

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Study classes on Vedanta are conducted in various cities in India as well as other parts of the world. The Vedanta classes are designed to provide each member a methodic course of study backed by scientific and analytical enquiry. Participants are encouraged to contribute towards an interactive discussion of Vedantic philosophy and its application to life.